The objective of this article is to designate the procedures and the principals of internet sales according to the Regulation on Procedures and Principals of Distance Sales which was published on the Official Gazette dated 13.06.2003 and No:25137.


This regulation encompasses articles determining the submission or the implementation of a product or service in an electronic environment without direct contact with customers.


This regulation was prepared according to the Regulation on Procedures and Principals of Distance Sales which was published on the Official Gazette dated 13.06.2003 and No:25137.


4.1 - Title: Otag Muzik Merkezi Ticaret ve Turizm Ltd. Firm Address: Alemdar Mah. Alaykosku Cad. Civan Han 20/B Fatih Istanbul   e-mail: tumata@tumata.com

4.2 – a Customer is a person who makes (a) purchase(s) from www.otagmusic.com with or without becoming a member. (Hereafter 'Customer'') Address and contact information while becoming a member or making a purchase will be taken as a base.

4.3 –The quantity,  and / model, color, sale price, payment type and all information related to the purchase of the contracted products have been declared at the  www.otagmusic.com trade site. The 'Customer'  is advised to make the purchase taking into consideration all of these particularities.

 4.4 – Purchase information of all contracted product(s) have been declared at the  www.otagmusic.com trade site.

 4.5 – Modifications can be made on the purchase information of contracted products without notification to the customer. www.otagmusic.com is not obliged to notify the 'Customer''.

 4.6 – Contracted physical products  are submitted to the delivery firm between 09:00 - 17:00 except on Saturdays, Sundays and Official Holidays. Purchased products are submitted to the delivery firm within 4 days. The products are delivered to the 'Customer'  in the time notified by 'the delivery firm.

4.7 – The download links for the downloadable/digital format products purchased from the site are made available by the webmaster after a suitable time following the purchase. After this, the 'Customer''  can enter his/her account by their own username and password and after clicking  My account tab at the top of the main page the links appear at the Downloads section. After the link has been made available the product will be used and hereafter (a) return of product(s) will not be possible. The right of withdrawal and refund mentioned in article 6 does not encompass downloadable - digital products.

4.8 – The downloadable products will not be delivered with physical cargo. The submission of these products is made in electronic environment. The 'Customer'  has a right for a withdrawal and a refund according to article 6 except for downloadable /digital products.



 5.1 – The 'Customer'  declares that he/she has read all of the preliminary information and has been informed and has given the endorsement in the electronic environment.

 5.2 – If the contracted product(s) is going to be delivered to a person or an establishment other than the 'Customer', www.otagmusic.com will not be liable if the aforementioned person or the establishment does not accept the delivery.

5.3 – www.otagmusic.com is responsible for the submission of the contracted product(s)  intact, in full and adhere to the specialties designated during the purchase.

5.4 –  www.otagmusic.com is considered relieved from the obligation  of the submission of the product(s) if  the product fee is not paid or somehow is canceled within banking records.

5.5 – After the submission of the product, if the financial institution fails to pay the product fee to www.otagmusic.com due to usage of the CREDIT CARD of the 'Customer'  by unauthorized people not arising from the fault of the 'Customer', the product should be returned to www.otagmusic.com in 3 days provided that the product was delivered to the 'Customer' . Under these conditions the shipping expenses belong to the 'Customer'.

 5.6 – www.otagmusic.com is responsible for the notification of the 'Customer'  if it cannot submit the contracted products in time due to force majeure or extra-ordinary conditions like climatic conditions or the  interruption of transportation preventing delivery. Under these conditions, the 'Customer'  can use his/her right either for the replacement of the product(s) and/or postponement of the submission date until the elimination of the impending conditions. If the 'Customer'  cancels the purchase the refund will be made within 7 working days.


The 'Customer'  has a right of withdrawal within (3) days of the submission of the product to his/her address or the address of the person/establishment declared during purchase. (Kindly read article 4.7 related to digital/downloadable products) To be able to use the right of withdrawal www.otagmusic.com should be notified with fax, e-mail or by phone within the aforementioned interval and the product(s) should be unused according to the decree of the relevant articles. If this right is used, a copy of the cargo delivery record showing that the aforementioned product(s) has been sent to www.otagmusic.com and the original invoice of the product(s) that have been submitted to the 'Customer'  or 3rd persons must be returned. The refund for the products will be made within 7 days of the submission of these documents. If the original invoice is not sent the VAT and the other legal obligations will not be refunded. The delivery charges of the returned product due to withdrawal is met by the 'Customer'.

 Cancellation of The Purchase: After the product has been submitted to you, unless there is a damage to the box, package, the product itself or its accessories, you can cancel within 3 days due to any problem with the product or manufacturing defects. After the canceled product is delivered to www.otagmusic.com, the charge will be refunded within 7 days. Apart from these, no right of withdrawal can be exercised by the consumer on custom-built products or products that have been altered according to 'Customer'  preference.

 If the purchase is made by Credit Cards the consumer can request the cancellation of the payment process due to unauthorized use and use illegally without his/her consent. Under these circumstances the Credit Card issuing establishment refunds the consumer within an appropriate time after the submission of the complaint. For any purchase to be made from www.otagmusic.com site it is considered that this agreement has been accepted by the 'Customer'.